Shipping & FAQ

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Whole/Ground Coffee Beans

We are currently roasting every Monday and Thursday, and dispatching orders on the following day.

Please ensure that all orders are in by 9pm SST (Singapore Standard Time, GMT + 08:00) on the night before roasting days to be included in the next roasting batch.

All our whole and ground coffee orders are roasted fresh to order.

As our coffees are roasted and dispatched from Melbourne, Australia, please allow approximately 9-10 business days* for delivery.

*Estimated delivery times to Singapore addresses only.


Coffee Capsules

We currently produce our coffee capsules in small batches throughout the year. While our coffee capsules can have a shelf life of up to 18 months, doing this allows us to ensure that the coffee capsules we are sending you are as fresh as possible!

If your order consists only of coffee capsules, these will be shipped from our Singapore headquarters (subject to stock availability, standard shipping delivery times apply).

If your order consists of coffee capsules and whole beans/ground coffee, the coffee capsules will be delivered together with the whole beans/ground coffee according to the delivery times stated above.


Will my coffee still be fresh when I receive it?

Absolutely! In fact, most freshly roasted coffees typically require 1-2 weeks after the roast date for “degassing”, a process whereby gases such as carbon dioxide that are built up in the bean’s cell structure during the roasting process are released. Brewing coffee using freshly roasted beans that have not had the chance to properly degas can negatively affect the extraction of the coffee during the brewing process, resulting in a sharp and sour cup of coffee.

As all our whole/ground coffees are roasted to order and shipped out the following day, this means that by the time you receive your order, the coffee will have had time to degas and will be ready for use right away.


Do you ship to countries other than Singapore?

Yes we do! Shipping rates and time will vary based on order quantity and destination. Drop us an email at with the details of your order and one of our team members will get in touch to discuss shipping rates.