French Press

Also known as the plunger, this is a classic, no-nonsense immersion brewing method that produces a rich cup of coffee with a creamy texture.


What you’ll need

  • French Press
  • Coffee
  • Kettle
  • Scale
  • Timer



Coffee: 30g, medium coarse to coarse grind

Water: 500ml at 95°C (approximately 1 minute off the boil)

Brew time: 4-5 minutes

Serves: 2


*A good rule of thumb to follow is a 1:16 brew ratio (60g ground coffee to 1000ml of water) so depending on the size of your French Press and amount of coffee you wish to brew the recipe can be adjusted to suit. 


  1. Rinse the French Press with hot water to preheat the vessel.
  2. Add ground coffee to the press and pour 100ml of water, gently stirring to fully saturate the coffee.
  3. Pour the remaining water into the press and stir again.
  4. Attach the lid back onto the press without pushing down on the plunger. Allow to brew for 3 minutes.
  5. Slowly plunge and decant all of the coffee (leaving coffee in the press will let it continue to brew and will result in bitter, over-extracted coffee).
  6. Serve and enjoy!